Board Features
Board Material[?] Help Board Material The most common material is FR-4. FR-4 Order type Prototype
Board dimension 10 X 10 cm Quantity[?] Help Board Quantity The minimal order quantity is 3 PCS. Regardless of ordering individual boards or panels, you need to specify the number of individual boards here. For example, if you are ordering 100 panels, each panel has a 2x5 layout, thus the total number of individual boards are 1000 (100 * 2 * 5), so you need to specify 1000 as quantity, NOT 100. 10 PCS
Number of layers 2 Silkscreen/overlay[?] Help Silkscree/Overlay This is the text color on the PCB. We only offer white as the silkscreen/overlay color. However if your solder mask is white, we will use black for silkscreen/overlay. White
Testing[?] Help Testing/Overlay We offer flying probe and AOI test.       Board type[?] Help Board Type Individual: you will receive individual boards. This is the default option for prototype orders. Panel: combine a number of individual boards to a panel, for example 2x3. This option is not available for prototype orders. This is common if your boards are for production, or you will use machine to solder the components. If you select Panel, please specify the layout in the 'notes' field below. If you are also ordering stencil, please make sure the panel size does not exceed the stencil size.

*** Panel is only available for low volume orders, which means PCB quality must be greater than 100 PCS and the total PCB area is greater than 1 square meter.

Copper Thickness[?] Help Copper Thickness The thickness of the copper on the PCB. Common thickness is 1oz or 1/2 oz.       Designs per file[?] Help Designs per file This refers to how many different designs in your PCB file. We recommend one design per file. Additional fees apply if you have more than one designs per PCB file.
PCB thickness[?] Help Board Thickness Most common thickness is 1.6mm (0.063 inch). Additional chargers apply if you select 0.4mm or 2.0mm.                  
Solder mask[?] Help Solder Mask This is the non-conductive finish applied to the PCB surface (to prevent the solder to accidentally short-circuit two tracks from different nets). Green is the most common solder mask color.               
Surface finish[?] Help Surface Finish Most common surface finish is HASL (hot air solder levelling).            
Stencil[?] Help Stencil You don't need stencil for prototypes. However if you plan to use reflow machine to solder SMD components, you may need to order stencil.   
Ship to Country[?] Help Ship to Country Specify the ship to country to estimate the shipping charge.
State/Province[?] Help State/Province Please select your ship to state/province.
Notes[?] Help Notes Use this field to specify any additional information, such as layer/file mapping. For low volume orders, you can specify special requirement in this field, such as a ordering a panel. For example, your individual board is 2cm by 3cm, so you want to order 100 panels, each panel contains 10 boards, and they are lined up by 2x5, 3cm + 3cm as the panel width, and 2cm + 2cm + 2cm + 2cm + 2cm as panel length, therefore, write this to the notes field: "layout: 2Lx5S", (L refers longer side, S refers shorter side of a single PCB board). If you are ordering stencil only, the stencil will be made according to your Gerber file, we will NOT panelize it for you. The maximum allowed characters in this field is 4096.
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